Monday, August 16, 2010


So, I haven't been around in awhile, life has a way of catching up with you I guess. I started working full-time from home in January. I have found it extremely overwhelming at times to manage my workload and my daughter at the same time, and also struggled with the fact that I can no longer really leave the house during the day, except for the occasional drs visit or quick errand.

And I also have that problem where I dive whole-heartedly into something and do it so much and so often that eventually I tire of it and have to move on to something else. I find it difficult to keep up with more than a few things at a time, for example, if I'm doing an awesome job managing our budget/meal-planning/coupon clipping/etc., I'll spend so much time and energy on these things that than all of a sudden, I'm not sewing or scrapbooking or blogging, and vice versa...

Unfortunately, with the arrival of a second child in January, I feel like I have to become more organized/more focused to do all that needs to be done and all that I love to do. We are very excited, I miss having a baby around! We'll find out the sex in five days!! I'm actually getting really excited/anxious to move Addie into the big bedroom and fix up the lil bedroom for the baby. That of course, means moving my sewing/crafting stuff to the basement.

We're in the full throes of potty-training right now and it's actually going fairly well. Addie expressed interest in going on the potty several months ago, so we let her do it when she wanted, but she lost interest after a week or two, so I didn't push it. She is now wearing big girl training pants all day (except at naptime and bedtime) and doesn't have any accidents involving P.P., after a week or so. Still working on #2 though. I bought her a bunch of "Potty Presents" to try and incent her to remember to get to the potty beforehand. We'll see how that goes. She actually starts preschool in mid-Sept, so I'd like her to be almost completely potty-trained by then, even though it's only a two hour class.

Elliott is going back to school to finish his degree, so he started a class this week, and while it's not a subject he's thrilled about (ART), I'm happy that he's starting to work on something that I know he will be super happy about when completed.


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