Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Can you find the hidden eggs?

Addie found her first egg!

Yum, Cheerios!!

Here's another one!

Daddy, can you hold these please?

A Whole Basket!!!

Mommy and me

Here are some pics from this morning...we hid a few eggs (in plain sight) and her basket and helped Addie to find them. I can't wait until Addie is a little older so that we can actually hide the eggs. Growing up, my parents always did some elaborate egg hunt, with puzzles and clues to help us find more eggs and in the end, our baskets. It was always fun, and slightly educational too.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Addie! It looks like she had a great time looking for some pretty eggs! -Shannon

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Hello. I'm just stoppnig in from the UBP post. You have a great blog and very cute baby!

Arleen13 said...

your family is too precious! I wish I could see my nieces and nephews have their easter egg hunts! maybe next year i will have one here!

and I am going to try that sweet and spicy tenderloin recipe above too!
Karissa at prissygreen

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