Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

It was 2 Years ago today that my husband proposed to me and I of course, accepted that proposal. I can't believe how far we've come in so little time, married and the proud parents of our almost one year old daughter Adeline. Last year for Valentine's Day (when I was about 36 weeks pregnant), we went out to dinner at the restaurant (where my husband both proposed and where we were also later married) for our last dinner out as a "couple". I miss those days of "wine-ing and dining" a little, there was a lot more money to be spent, as we both worked full-time, and there was just a general carefree-ness that got left to the wayside once we became responsible for a little life.

The good thing now is the comfortability factor, our date nights currently consist of a 12 pack of Stella, a Red Baron frozen pizza, and movies from Netflix, while snuggling in bed with our baby bean (or letting her run amuck and pull out all the contents of our dresser drawers while we snuggle). There is no having to dress up, put on makeup, pretend to know the rules of fine dining or pick a great complementary wine with dinner - it's a totally no frills, cozy, life couldn't get any better than this kind-of night. I'm pretty sure that our Valentine's Day nights for the next few years (as we expand our brood) are going to be pretty casual, typical comfortable nights, and I'm ok with that. At least this year, I can enjoy a few drinks!


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