Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just checking in

So, I haven't written anything in a few days, so I'm just checking in. I've been busy working on my new schedule with the baby, and eating healthier, and getting crafts done. So, far I'm feeling pretty good at the changes I've implemented in the past couple of weeks. We're all getting to bed at a more reasonable hour than before, but am still finding that I have to wake up for multiple feedings throughout the night. I really want to break Addie of this habit soon, but don't know if I have the patience yet to actually do anything about it while I'm in the dead of sleep.

I think that it might be easy to coincide breaking her of this habit at the same time as we're weaning her (I know I will not be getting up to give her any bottles in the night) from the nursing, but it will probably take some trial and error. Or a bunch of frustrating sleepless nights.

I'm working on two girly tag blankies, and I love these much better than the boys' ones I did before (probably just cuz I'm a big fan of pink). My goal is to finish multiple items this week to then post on my etsy site for sale. Between that, working, and keeping up with all of my fun "mommy group" activities, I am very busy this week. Hence, the lack of entries since Saturday.

We are going to be off to a playdate in a short while (without a nap) so we'll see what ensues. Then I'm going out tonight to Olive Garden with a few other moms for some dessert and drinks, while daddy plays with Addie! It should be a good time. I'll post some pics tomorrow of the new stuff I'm working on.


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