Saturday, January 31, 2009

So, nothing much going on today, just checking in. I made my second Black Apple Doll last night (pictures will be posted later as I haven't yet painted on her face) for an old co-worker that I plan on visiting soon. And today I started to work on a couple of baby girl tag blankies. I'm really hoping to get a couple of things posted to my etsy site by the end of next week.

Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow morning for a couple of hours (but I guess it's ok, since I have most of this upcoming week off and have a bunch of fun stuff planned for me and doodle), so I can't stay up late again. My husband and I just watched part of the First Season of Jericho, and it's slightly cheesy, slightly amusing, and slightly intriguing, so I think we'll continue to get the rest of the season from Netflix and see what ensues.


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