Sunday, January 18, 2009

Left to my own devices

This weekend has been really long, and really boring! Left to my own devices with too much time on my hands has never been a good thing for me. I end up wasting time instead of using it, and then I feel down and guilty because of it. I know that if I had a more structured schedule during the week, I would either use my weekend wisely or at least be able to relax and do nothing and be ok with that.

I'm not a winter person. The snow is nice for the holidays, but the fact that the cold/gray/dark days drag on for months after the holidays are over, just sucks!! I just feel trapped in my apartment lately (I was indoors from last Sunday until Friday, due to the doodle having a cold and not wanting to bring her out in the extreme cold)...major cabin fever. I am looking forward to the spring/summer days, so at least if I want to go outside or see something different, we can go for a little walk, get some exercise and fresh air.

I am looking into getting another part-time job (just doing retail on nights/weekends) to bring in some extra funds to help us get better situated for buying a house this summer, and that will definitely take up more of my time, and I think if I do get another job, that I will use the rest of my time more efficiently. Now, I just have to get out and actually apply for some jobs!!!

My goals for this week are to apply at the Panera near my house, and to also focus more on my crafting and what I can get done (while the baby naps) every day that I'm not at work. I hope to complete at least two tag blankies this week. We also have plans for a couple of playdates, so at least the time will be broken up a little bit!


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