Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baby Tag Blankies

So, I've completed my goal of making two baby tag blankies this week. Hoo-ray! They're both made of the same fabric and ribbon. Both sides are fleece. All of the ribbons were anchored onto (sewn on) one side of the fabric first, and then I sew both pieces of the fleece together - so the ribbons are all sewn down twice to secure them.

I'm going to be giving these two blankets for friends who recently had boy babies, but in the future, I would like to post and sell the blankets on etsy. Any ideas on a reasonable price? I was thinking $12.00, but don't know what other people would think was appropriate. Any ideas? The blankets are approximately 12" x 12". I obviously want to make it worth my while and need to take into account the amount of materials plus the labor it took to actually put them together. I would say I worked on the blankets a total of five hours (hope that things will go quicker as I get better).

Well, I'm currently washing the rest of the fabric that I got the other day, and hope to get started on some "girly" tag blankies and also putting together a Black Apple Doll tonight and tomorrow. I'm so excited!!


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