Thursday, January 15, 2009


I still sleep with what I affectionately refer to as a "silky". It's just a regular ol' blanket with satin edges on it. But I like to run the satin edges through my fingers, and sometimes my toes.

The life of a silky is somewhat precarious, they can last months or they can last years. Eventually, the same fate befalls all of my silkies. The satin edge gets rubbed clean off the blanket, and I'm left with an old blanket and two ratty looking satin pieces. And then it's time for a new silky.

I have slept with a silky most of my life (not sure exactly when it was introduced, but figuring it was in infancy), and I find that it's hard to sleep without it. It obviously fulfills some slightly OCD habit I have of calming myself (used mostly at bedtime) by rhythmically running the silkies through my fingers. My husband definitely thinks it's odd, and doesn't care for "the rag", as he affectionately calls it. I often find the silkies discarded onto the floor next to our bed. :(

My daughter loves the silkies and reaches for it everytime she's in bed with us. She likes to chew on it, of course, but I find that she also likes to hold the satin piece in her little fingers while she's nursing and falling asleep. It's the cutest thing in the world! And despite, my husband's prejudice towards the silkies, he agrees!


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