Sunday, January 25, 2009

Smoothies for Breakfast

Ok, so my friend Autumn gave me this smoothie recipe to try, and we just bought a blender, so tomorrow will be the first taste test. I'm hoping to get in the habit of whipping us up different fruit smoothies so that we have something healthy, easy, and yummy for breakfast (since this is the meal Elliott and I most often forgo - except for our large weekend egg brunches).

For 2 servings:
1/2 cup soy milk (we chose vanilla flavor, since we've never tried soy milk before)
1/2 cup rainbow sherbert
2 bananas
4-8 oz of pineapple

I'll let you know tomorrow how they tasted. I'm exhausted tonight, so I am going to go relax with my hubby in front of the tv and hopefully go to sleep early.


Jen Heeter said...

um... okay, so i don't wanna be a downer but rainbow sherbet isn't healthy. i make smoothies pretty regularly and you won't know the difference without it. i would do soy milk or juice, a blob of yogurt, a banana, and some berries (frozen or fresh) or other fruit (kiwi, pineapple, mango, etc.) if you're feeling crazy throw in some flax seed or an emergen-cee packet. love the blog by the way...

Whitney Olson Smith said...

Well there Jen, go ahead and rain on my parade! tee's a start at least, for me & Elliott, we're not the healthiest eaters! We just wanted to try my friend's recipe, I think the sherbet is used to make the smoothie icy cold, but normally when I do make smoothies it's typically a vanilla yogurt/milk or frozen fruit/fruit juice it's not an ingredient that we will always include.

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