Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life Coach

So, I just started to work with a Life Coach (for new moms), and I think it's going to help me tremendously. Her name is Claudia and her website is I almost wish I had known about her earlier, and then maybe it wouldn't have taken me so long to realize that I wasn't alone and that a lot of new moms end up feeling frazzled and lost.

I've only had two sessions so far, but I already feel like I'm taking the proper steps in the right direction to help clear my head, manage my time, and be the best mom I can be. Part of it, I believe, is that I just might be finally getting the hang of this mom business after 10 and a half months. I've always been very self aware mentally, and have always known when it was time to reach out for help, so sometimes just a little external nudge (usually in the form of my mother) in the right direction is all that is required. In comes Claudia.

I've always been kind-of against routines and schedules, a fly by the seat of my pants kind-of gal, but with Claudia's suggestion, I have established a very loose routine and so far, it seems to really be helping me out (ok, so I'm only two days in, but it's still a big deal to me, baby steps people!). I used to scoff at the mom's who couldn't attend certain playdates because they proclaimed that it was naptime at their house, and I knew that I didn't want to be tied down to any particular time everyday, and it didn't appear that my daughter did either, for she sleeps when she feels like it. But now, I half-see the wisdom of their ways, and realize that it is important for me and Addie to have some structure in our lives. And I said "some". I, at least, can have some idea of what I want to accomplish everyday, and make attempts to do that. And if something falls to the wayside one day, we'll just roll with it like we used to.

I'm excited because I feel like I'm going to be getting part of me back, and making time for stuff that I used to really enjoy (i.e. my crafts) and that I feel is essential for my sanity. I made my goal earlier this week of completing two tag blankies, and I'm on my way. The fabric has been cut and the ribbons pinned on, now I just need to sew them together. So, I'm giving myself until Saturday to complete them, as I have to work tomorrow.


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