Sunday, February 8, 2009


So, I haven't gotten as much accomplished this weekend as I would've liked too, since the doodle and I are both sick. And we had to move around our plans this week to make sure we're not infecting anyone else (which means postponing our trip downtown to visit old friends - boo hoo!).

I was able to finish two blue unisex baby tag blankies, with a third almost finished, but still haven't gotten anything officially posted to Etsy yet. I perused Etsy earlier today to find out how much other people are charging for similar items and found a fairly large range in cost. So, I'm not yet sure what I will price my blankies at. I also started researching different fabric suppliers and whatnot, looking for fun fabric to create other baby items from. I'm going to attempt to do bib and burp cloth sets...I have this really cute elephant flannel print, but I bought a matching terry cloth to use as one side, and I thinking that it might be too thick to pair with the flannel. I also saw a few bibs/cloths with minky on one side and cotton on the other, which is interesting. They looked nice, but I'd prefer to use a fabric that is a little more functional...which is why I picked up the terry cloth in the first place. But I might have to revisit the fabric store and try something else.

I think my tag blankies are really cute, and babies love them, but I feel like I can easily find flaws in their design or just don't think they're good enough (that people might not actually pay for them or be happy afterwards that they did). I'm not sure where this self-doubt is coming from, maybe I will feel better after I've actually sold something or get feedback from someone who uses something I've made.

Anyways, it's a work in progress, and I'm going to continue plugging away and hopefully coming up with some products that are cute and functional. For now, me and the doodle need to get a little bit more rest. Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow.


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